There are several versions relating to the origins of the white wedding dress. According to one of these accounts the first famous woman to wear a white wedding dress was Mary, Queen of Scots. At the time, it was seen as a bad choice, as white was the official colour of mourning for the French. In 1840, however, another royal figure wore white to her wedding - Queen Victoria, at her marriage to Albert of Saxe-Colburg. Queen Victoria's wedding photographs were widely publicized, sparking interest in the white wedding dresses throughout England and beyond. The final version has the white wedding dress originating from Anne of Austria - Queen consort of France and Navarre where her white dress was considered so wonderful, that women of France (later of England, Spain and Portugal) followed Anna's example.

It was not long before the white wedding dress became a symbol of wealth. Partly because of its origins but more because white garments were almost impossible to clean and could only be worn once. Wearing a white dress on your wedding day meant that you could afford a dress that would only be worn once. This was particularly the case during Victorian times. During Edwardian times, wedding dress fashions became more extravagant. However, when the First World War broke out, the situation changed because of the poor living conditions. Wedding dresses became simpler and shorter. During the Depression and the Second World War, many women opted for a simple white wedding dress that they dyed afterwards, for instance in blue or green, so that they could still re-use the dress.

Nowadays, wedding dresses are popular in many colours. Brides often choose cream, ivory or off-white as well. The traditional white wedding dress is still very popular and beautifully complements dark hair and olive complexion. In this respect an option is to choose a fabric which complements your skin and hair colouring. Generally, a soft white wedding dress is lovely with blonde hair and a fair or olive complexion, a cream colour wedding dress enhances red hair and a fair complexion, while an ivory wedding dress complements light brown or honey blonde hair with a peaches and cream complexion.

 Notwithstanding, a wedding day is a very special occasion for a bride, and the choice of a wedding dress will be the brides. If you want to select the perfect wedding dress, but traditional white doesn't work for you, don't be afraid to choose a colorful wedding dress or a wedding dress with a splash of color, and enjoy your special day!


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