Where ever you live in the world, a wedding is one of the most major and important events and choosing the right wedding outfit central to the celebration. Choosing bridal gowns and wedding dresses in Sydney is no different. From childhood, girls dream of being adorned by a fabulous wedding gown, a loving partner by her side, surrounded by family, friends and bridesmaids, and, of course, lots of flowers.  

The choice of the wedding dress is probably the most difficult and at the same time exciting moment for every bride-to-be.

 It will take time to choose what is best for you. Think of what you want before visiting a range of bridal shops. It is also best to refrain from bright makeup, as foundation and lipstick can stain the gowns. 

 When trying on gowns ensure that you wear it the way you would on the day, for example make sure the dress is laced up, if there is a corset that it is tightened, and all buttons are fastened.

Walk around in the dress, sit down and stand up a few times. You should feel as comfortable as possible. The slightest inconvenience that can not be readibly altered is the reason to abandon the dress and look for the next one.

 It is a good idea to try on different silhoettes to determine which flatters your body type. Sometimes a dress that you think may not suit you could end up being THE ONE!

 Sofia Bridal would be happy to help you choose the gown and accessories for you and your bridesmaids and would greatly appreciate you giving as a feedback, writing reviews and sharing your wedding photos.

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